Wardrobe Tips – Simple tips to keep your wardrobe fresh !

Everyone desires to keep the wardrobe look fresh and attractive. In the process, we keep buying new clothing and keep over-stuffing our wardrobe. However, easier way to keep our wardrobe look clean, fresh and attractive is by avoiding over-stuffing and by sorting the wardrobe at regular intervals. Here are few important wardrobe tips:

  • Wardrobe Storage Tips 1Some of the clothing does not fit because you have become overweight. Remember if you are not able to loose 10 Kg from last three years which you promised on new year eve, then you are not going to achieve your target in your life. Better is to get rid of these cloths.
  • The stains on the favorite T-shirt, which you are going to remove with a magical stain-remover, will never be available in the market. So its better not to keep such hopes.
  • Socks and handkerchief, which your brother-in-law left at your place during his last visit, will never go back to him. Better keep in the travelling bag rather than in the wardrobe
  • It is better to donate the sweater that itches you because you are allergic to wool
  • The not so great t-shirt, which your friend gifted you and you don’t like wearing it, has no place in your wardrobe.
  • The shirt lying in your cupboard for past one year as it needs stitching will never get stitched and its time to replace it with new one.

The thumb rule about clothing is if you have not used it in last 3 years, you are not going to use it anyway. A definite way of avoiding the over-stuffing is to minimize your shopping trips so that you can avoid investing too much into undesired clothing. Its always better to choose wrinkle free clothing to get the best utilization of clothing rather than not been able to wear cloths for the need of ironing.

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